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Fuel for Warmth Inc. originated this service in Haliburton County in 2009. Since then, we have helped more than 1,200 individuals and families.

We are a Registered Charitable Organization, authorized by the Canada Revenue Agency to issue official tax receipts. We are subject to much more scrutiny and reporting requirements than regular not-for-profit groups. We believe this transparency is important to our donors and their confidence in our management of donated funds.


We have a local Board of Directors, community advisors and a fully trained volunteer staff.

Our administration costs are less than 5% and we have no paid staff - we are all volunteers. No administration fees are paid to partners or government agencies. We do all the work ourselves and with our community advisors, no salaries or fees are paid to professional fundraisers.


Although we are independent, we do interact with other organizations and government agencies. This enables Fuel for Warmth Inc. to respond quickly to those in need.

We are local and proud that we are "homegrown". Donations that are received by our office in Haliburton County remain in the county.

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